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No one understands the impact MLW has on youth better than our alumni, many of whom continue to excel in a wide array of professional fields.

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If you´ve staffed an MLW program, there are still many ways for you to stay involved with the organization. From recruitment, donations, community outreach programs and even dropping a e-mail just to say "hello", your commitment doesn´t have to end when you leave our summer programs.

What is it like to come back to MLW after a hiatus of few years?

Read ALS 2012 Staffer Jason Israel´s reflections on his experience.

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Excerpts from the Alumni Spotlight section of the MLW E News: 

The benefits I have received from my experiences with MLW are too numerous and significant to put into words. Quite simply,it has helped me in every aspect of my life. Professionally,I use many of the skills I learned and developed at MLW on a daily basis. But more important to me,my involvement in MLW and the friendships I have that have now lasted,in some cases,for more than 20 years,have challenged me to remember to always reflect on how to be a better person and leader and to strive to make a genuine difference in my community and the lives of others.

- Chris Longmore  

Partner, Dugan, McKissick, Wood & Longmore, LLC


It goes to the heart of who I am and who I became.

– Joel Goodman

Founder of The HUMOR Project


The skills that were learned during those summers at MLW,turned out to be skills that I use in my position as an elected official. I would love to go back and look at the curriculum that existed when I went through the program. I guarantee you every skill that I use,is one that I learned back then.

– Cathy Vitale

Member, House of Delegates and former Anne Arundel County Councilmember


MLW gave me the foundations –and enhanced my core beliefs. The program also allowed me to practice these foundational techniques in a safe space that helped me grow. I am a values driven leader and I was forced to examine my own beliefs and mindsets.

– Michelle Culver

Vice President of Regional Operations, Teach for America


My experiences on the staff of MLW have more to do with my success in business than any other single factor. My ability to lead teams,communicate effectively and create a compelling vision of the future are all directly related to those early experiences.

– Ray Sachetti

Senior Vice President of Virology for Bristol-Myers Squibb



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