Not everyone can come to a college campus for a week in the middle of summer and sometimes an organization’s goals are better met with a tailored program. That is where the MLW Outreach Program comes in. Our dynamic, trained facilitators will travel to you. Based on our successful summer program curriculum, MLW will design and facilitate workshops that engage, empower and educate participants.

County school systems, principals, teachers, community groups and youth-focused organizations look to MLW to provide unique and custom designed programs throughout the academic year and summer. Programs vary from several hours to several days and are specifically tailored to meet the goals, schedules and budgets of your group.

Community Outreach

We have three types of Outreach programs: half, full, and multi-day. Details listed below:

Half Day

Held in the morning or after lunch, a group can cover two workshops with time built in for team building exercises.

One-Day Program

Our most popular outreach allows for as many as 100 students to go through a series of three to four workshops designed around a central goal or objective defined by the client. Interspersed throughout the day are team building activities as well as time for reflection and individual action planning.

Residential Multi Day Program

Most similar to our core programs, the client arranges a location where students can spend the night (usually an outdoor education facility or college campus). This allows for more intense workshop activities that involve creating a project or presentation at the conclusion of the program. Lots of high energy and fun team building activities are built into the schedule as well as a series of workshops that introduce delegates to the concepts and skills needed for success in today’s world.

Sample Community Outreach Packages Include:

Each Outreach program is specifically tailored to the needs of the school. Below will list sample topics, but we are happy to customize for each program!

The Introduction to Leadership: An Explorative Program for Middle and High School Students

  • Leadership Styles: Get to know the types of leaders and which best fits you!
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Pressure and Decision Making
  • What is Passion?: How to identify what moves you, then go after it!

Anti-Bullying Program: Addressing Differences and The Importance of Inclusive Space

  • Self-Awareness
  • Diversity
  • Anti-Bullying & Conflict Resolution Strategies Workshop: Delegates consider a series of scenarios and use their awareness of their strengths and the importance of inclusion to develop strategies to combat bullying

Courage: A Program for Building Empathetic, Inclusive Leaders

  • Self-Awareness
  • Diversity: Breaking Down Barriers
  • Group Dynamics, Motivation, & Empowerment

Advanced Leadership Program for High School Leaders

  • What is Leadership?: Self-Awareness as a Leader
  • Diversity
  • Choice, Challenge, Consequence
  • Advocacy: How to Use Your Power & Influence

The Advocates: Becoming Student Activists in the Community

  • Motivation & Empowerment
  • Power & Purpose
  • Advocacy

For Girls Who Lead: Introductions to Leadership for Middle School Girls

  • Self-Awareness
  • Gender Dynamics and Empowerment
  • Diversity
  • Power & Purpose

Student Leaders Training: Focusing on the Skills that Make Student Leaders Shine in their Communities

  • The Survival Guide to Facilitation & Feedback
  • Project Planning and Evaluation
  • Group Dynamics, Motivation & Empowerment
  • Parliamentary Procedure


MLW´s outreach programs fees are calculated based on the length of the program as well as number of workshops facilitated. Our fees include staff at a 1:10 student ratio, facilitation, curriculum, student guidebooks, evaluation and follow-on activities. They do not include facilities or food.

If you are interested in setting up a community outreach program, please contact the MLW office.

Who Has Hosted MLW Outreach Programs?

Since 1955, MLW has conducted hundreds of outreach programs. Below is a sample list of our past outreach clients:

  • Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy
  • Elijah Cummings Youth Program
  • Maryland Association of Student Councils
  • Anne Arundel County Community Action Agency
  • Allegany County Public Schools
  • Garrett County Public Schools
  • Carroll County Public Schools
  • Thurgood Marshall Academy
  • James Hubert Blake HS, Montgomery County
  • Gaithersburg HS, Montgomery County
  • The Frost School, Montgomery County
  • Easton HS, Talbot County
  • Building STEPS
  • Montgomery County Department of Recreation