What a great kickoff to our week together! After the parents left, delegates were taken around campus to orient them to all the buildings where activities will take place throughout the week.  They then got to see their group rooms decorated to fit their teams, and they played games to start getting to know their teammates. The Senior High teams this year are Marvel, State of Mind (about the movie “Inside Out”), The Conductors, Tricky, SPLAT!, Hollywood, and NOLA.

Before dinner we had a “Community Meeting” where delegates got to hear from Program Directors Emily Petersen and Grace Chao, meet all the staff members, and hear from Executive Director Anita Anderson. After that, they broke into their “Tuning Groups,” which is when they get they get the opportunity for coaching in small groups with a staff member.

Then delegates participated in their first workshop. During “What is Leadership?”  they discovered and discussed the many different definitions of leadership. They explored how the meaning or application of leadership can differ from person to person and situation to situation. In the end, each team was tasked with coming up with their own definition of leadership to which they will refer the rest of the week.

The last formal activity of the evening is a special MLW tradition called “Visions.” This is a time where staff members share a quote, song, story, or other meaningful experience with the entire group in order for delegates to get to know them a on a deeper level. At the end of the week, ask your child his/her favorite vision that was shared!

The day ended, as they all will, with a hall meeting and then lights out. See you tomorrow!