Today was our first full day together, and it was indeed full! We started our first round of workshops, which include the following content:

Decision Making: Delegates distinguished between individual and group decisions, identified the steps of the decision making model, worked to understand the relationship between values and decision making, and compared and contrasted decision making styles.

Group Dynamics: Delegates learned the individual stages of the Group Interaction Model, compared and contrasted various group roles and their contributions to the group’s performance, differentiated between different types of groups, and analyzed group dynamics in specific contexts. At the end of the week, ask your child which group role he or she most naturally falls into.

After lunch, committees met for the first time, tasked to plan the following program components or activities:
Field Day
Program Evaluation
Keep In Touch
Closing Ceremony
Friday Dance
Community ID

Because of the heat, we postponed picture day until Wednesday, when it’s supposed to cool down to a balmy 92 degrees. Ahhh…summer in Maryland!

Just before dinner, delegates went to their first REALITY session, which is when they have an opportunity to work on a rea-lifel project but also practice their new leadership skills in a safe environment.

Last night’s activity was a games night in the indoor field house. Delegates got to have fun, burn off some steam, and meet other delegates outside of their group. We top the day of with a fire safety drill, and then finally lights out.