On Tuesday, delegates finished Round One workshops which were described in the previous post. In addition to workshops, delegates have been working in committees where they use their leadership skills to plan components of the program. The Dance Committee will plan the Friday night dance including developing a theme and creating the decorations. The Closing Ceremony Committee will plan the Saturday morning ceremony that will reflect upon and celebrate the accomplishments of the week (this year, due to COVID, it is not open to parents, unfortunately). The Showcase Committee will plan the annual delegate talent show. Delegates then participated in their second REALITY session and are making excellent progress on their projects. Delegates also participated in Tuning where they solidified their goals for the week. Finally, the evening activity was Tournament Tuesday where they participated in several activities and games in a competitive but fun manner.

On Wednesday, delegates began Round Two workshops which included You, Diversity, and the World; Stories and Voice, and Resilient Leadership.

In You, Diversity, and the World, delegates articulated the lived experiences, worldviews, and perspectives that encompass their own unique identity; examined the role of privilege in intersectional identities; recognized the role empathy and awareness play in fostering cultural competency and inclusion; and learned to embrace discomfort when engaging in difficult conversations.

In Stories and Voice, delegates considered how stories contribute to developing a narrative. They discovered the influential power of storytelling and perspective in shifting narrative, learned to understand the components of developing individual voice and vision, and explored how to challenge pre-existing narratives to create impact.

In Resilient Leadership, delegates explored where the fear of failure comes from, explored how fear of failure affects people’s chances of success, reflected on adversities in their own lives, and learned to develop a growth mindset.

Following workshops, delegates continued the day with another REALITY session Additionally, delegates participated in another tuning session and continued meeting with their committee groups. To close out the night, delegates will participate in an MLW favorite- Messy Games! This outdoor activity has delegates playing a variety of silly water games and other “messy” activities. There may be shaving cream and Cheetos involved!