Delegates finished Round Two workshops on Thursday and are hard at work finishing their REALITY Projects.

Delegates have also finished Mindfulness Time for the week. In their last Mindfulness session, they practiced mindful journaling and created tools to teach other teens about the importance of mindfulness. On Thursday evening, delegates had the opportunity to participate in Showcase (a talent show!) where they watched their peers show their music, dancing, singing, and other talents. 

On Friday, delegates will give their final REALITY presentations and have a chance to give feedback on their week to help improve MLW programs moving forward. Friday evening delegates will participate in MLW & You where they will think about how to apply everything they have learned this week in their lives back home. Lastly, delegates will participate in the Friday night dance as a way to celebrate all of the new friends they have made throughout the week. 

Instructions for the Closing Ceremony and Check-Out – please see the email that was sent out yesterday. You can find it HERE.