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This morning delegates completed their Round Two workshops. We highlighted two of the four workshops yesterday, and here are the other two

  • Diversity, taught by Scott Jones and Maggie Chen

  • Evolution of Leadership, taught by Olivia Keithley and Pearson Benson:

These were the last workshops of the week! Ask your child what his/her favorite Round Two workshop was! Now, while delegates are working in their Committees and in their MIX groups, they have a full set of leadership skills and tools at their disposal.

The Variety Show Committee knocked it out of the park tonight as delegates participated in a phenomenal talent show that encompassed everything from dance and music to comedy and origami. The rest of the Committees are making great headway and most have completed their plans.

We can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day! We look forward to seeing you at 10:30 on Saturday for the Closing Ceremony in Gibson Center for the Arts (the same building where Check-In took place).