On Wednesday, delegates began Round Two workshops which included You, Diversity, and The World, Storytelling for Change, Failure and Success, and Public Speaking and Feedback. In You, Diversity, and The World delegates learned about how their identity impacts their lived experiences, worldviews, and perspectives, examined barriers to cultural competency, and developed effective strategies for building diverse communities. In Storytelling for Change delegates explored the characteristics and values of individual stories, analyzed how individual stories can shift narratives, and created an action plan for how they will use their voice to positively impact the world. In Failure and Success delegates explored the relationship between fear and failure, analyzed risk, discussed strategies for celebrating success, and reframed failure to understand its role in ultimately obtaining success. In Public Speaking and Feedback delegates learned effective skills for public speaking, discussed different methods to deliver and receive feedback, and practiced public speaking and feedback skills. 

Following workshops, delegates continued the day with another REALITY session. Please check back on Friday to learn a little bit about what each group is doing for their REALITY project. Delegates then participated in another Tuning session.  All delegates have set goals during Tuning and are working on strategies to ensure they meet their goals. In Wednesday’s Mindfulness Time delegates differentiated between growth and fixed mindsets, learned about neuroplasticity, and practiced various breathing exercises. To close out the night, delegates participated in an MLW favorite- Messy Games! During Messy Games Night, delegates participated in a variety of silly and fun water games and other activities.