The week’s work of education and exploration finally led to today’s culminating moment – the ALS 2015 Symposium on Equity. Delegates began by discussing the difference between Equity and Equality. They then explored equity – or the lack thereof – in society and in their lives through various activities such as poetry readings, a privilege walk, the sharing of personal experiences, and statistics on equity gaps through history. They discussed the impacts of a non-equitable society, and  challenged themselves as leaders to raise awareness and lead the charge to close the gaps in their own communities. Delegates displayed poise, professionalism, confidence, intelligence, and heart as they accomplished their goal of presenting this timely and challenging topic.

Tomorrow’s closing ceremony will take place in the Hynson Lounge inside Hodson Hall at 10:00. Please park in the same lot as Sunday, and staff will be available to direct you, Delegates will be dismissed immediately following the ceremony which will end at 11:00, and you can take them back to the dorm to pack up. We will never forget this week, and we hope the delegates won’t, either!