We can’t believe our week is half over already! Today we started Round Two of workshops with the following topics:

1. Advocacy – delegates explored passion and advocacy, the tools available to them to advocate for change, and how different personality styles can be incorporated into advocacy planning. At the end of the week, ask your child what he or she is passionate about!

2. Power and Purpose – delegates defined and differentiated between power, influence, and purpose. They identified sources of power, and explored the “butterfly effect” and how it applies in their own lives. In the end, they understood how to use power an influence to fulfill their own purpose in life. At the end of the week, ask your child about his or her personal brand promise!

3. Diversity – in what may be MLW’s most impactful and influential workshop, delegates defined and differentiated stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. They examined the roles of these concepts in society by recognizing how stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination have or could have affected each of them.

4. Pressure and Decision Making – Delegates brainstormed about sources of pressure in their lives and evaluated different methods of dealing with it. They analyzed how effectively dealing with pressure can help them be more successful as leaders. At the end of the week, ask your child about his or her own personal decision-making model.

Tonights activity – MESSY GAMES!