Middle School Experience in Leadership (MSEL) is well underway and our delegates are already having a blast! After getting settled into their rooms and saying goodbye to family and friends, delegates headed to their first group meeting! There are two teams at MSEL this summer- Into the Leaderverse, and the Revengers. Each team was welcomed into their creatively decorated group room and started with some name games and icebreaker activities to get to know the other delegates in their group. Then they headed to dinner in the dining hall.

After dinner, the delegates attended “What is Leadership?” where they explored the traits leaders have, what it means to be a strong leader, and how leadership has shaped our society and communities.












We finished the night with an MLW tradition called “Visions.” During Visions, staff members share song lyrics, dances, quotes, and other inspirational messages in order to set the tone for the week. After Visions, delegates participated in their first hall meeting where they had snacks and shared their highs (favorite part) and lows (least favorite parts) of the day. Following hall meeting, delegates headed to sleep to get ready for Monday’s action packed day.