Today is our first full day of programming for MLW Summer 2018! Our three smaller programs, Advanced Leadership Seminar (ALS), Bridge, and Journey are in full swing and our delegates are already busy bonding, learning, and of course having fun!


After saying good-bye to family, delegates went on a tour of campus with their staff members, ended up in their creatively decorated group rooms, and played ice-breaker games. Each program then had their first round of workshops:

ALSNarrative and Voice with Olivia and Alexya

Delegates reflected on their own experiences and identities. They crafted “Diversity Monologues” to express what makes them unique to their peers and staff. Delegates also discussed and learned about how voices are expressed and silenced and how to empower others to use their voices.

JourneyHERStory with Lexi and Ciara

Delegates learned about the Women’s Rights Movements and key historical events relating to women. Delegates also reflected on what they think it means to be a female leader, how gender shapes who they are as individuals,  and how women are portrayed by the media.

Bridge– MSEL Curriculum Review Game

Bridge delegates participated in an interactive game where they reviewed important leadership concepts from the Middle School Experience in Leadership program. Delegates were able to brush up on their leadership knowledge in a fun and interactive way which will set them up for a successful week.

Bridge and ALS delegates were introduced to their practicum concept:

ALS – Delegates are challenged with designing a staff training for the MLW Staff members. Delegates will be pushed to think about knowledge, skills, or training they think MLW staff members should have. The delegates will be conducting this training for MLW Staff Members on Friday.

Bridge – Delegates are being tasked with becoming YouTube creators. Delegates will be making videos throughout the week on issues that are important to them and relevant to their generation.

Our evening activity is an MLW “first night” tradition called Visions. Staff share a poem, song lyric, or other quote that is meaningful to them personally and also serves as a way for the delegates to learn more about them. This is always a delegate favorite and a nice reflective wrap-up to our first night.

Maddie and Nick getting ready for their workshop “Building Your Profile” for their Bridge delegates.

Journey Staff enjoying S’mores on our first night!

Delegates making s’mores.

Delegates playing name game.

Delegates playing a game.