Another beautiful (and humid) day in Chestertown! Thursday saw the end of Round 2 Workshops and the continuation of Mix and committees. As we near the end of our week together, delegates are beginning to put the final touches on their products and presentations.

Some highlights of the day:

In the Pressure and Decision Making workshop facilitated by Maggie and Rob, members of The Ozians searched for clues hidden around the room. However, there was a catch – certain delegates were limited by requirements such as “You can’t use your hands!” or “Keep your eyes closed” or “Stay seated.” Their fellow teammates had to effectively communicate and troubleshoot to help them navigate the room.  Activities like these help our delegates learn the value of effective communication and how to navigate challenges in a group setting.



During recreation, delegates took a few minutes to decompress and connect with friends. Even though it may seem like a small part of the day, many delegates take this time to play games, interact with delegates from other groups and create new bonds through things like football , hula hooping and sketching.



As is tradition, delegates spent Thursday night at the annual Variety Show. Delegates auditioned and performed their unique talents in front of the entire program. For many delegates, this was their first time standing in front of a large group. Acts included dance routines, piano solos and even a song performed on a ukulele!

With our last full day on the horizon, delegates will be completing their Mix sessions, the program-wide community service event and attending the ever popular Friday night dance.