MSEL is so excited about all of the growth we have seen in our delegates so far this week! We are now finished with Round Two Workshops. Delegates attended the following workshops and gained valuable leadership skills that will ensure they return to their schools and communities ready to make a positive difference:

Diversity and Intersectionality: This is always a delegate favorite. In this workshop, delegates explore who they are and various pieces of their identity. Delegates talk about gender, race, religion, and socioeconomic status. Delegates also learn about stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination and how to combat them. This year, delegates explored their own identity and the unique and diverse perspectives of their group.

Advocacy, Activism, and Allyship: In this workshop, delegates learned about advocates and activists throughout history. Delegates were inspired by the work of people like Ella Baker and Martin Luther King Jr and learned that they, too, can make change in their communities. Delegates learned how to identify the areas in their lives where they have influence and developed an advocacy strategy plan.

Creativity and Innovation: Delegates were challenged to think about things in new and creative ways. Through a series of challenges and exercises, delegates had to use their own creative thinking to come up with new ideas and solutions.

Empathy and Relationship Building: In leadership, empathy is essential. In this workshop, delegates explored how they can put themselves in others’ shoes and how they can better relate and empathize with their teammates. Delegates also learned about how to build healthy relationships with friends, sibling, and others that they interact with.

In addition to workshops, delegates complete MIX Session 2 and 3 and continued working on a unique project connected to a community organization. MIX is a time where delegates get to apply the skills from workshops as they work through projects with their entire group.

Delegates are also hard at work on their respective committees. Committees include Variety Show, Field Day, Closing Ceremony, Media, Community Service, and Newsletter. Committees are a great time for delegates to work on a tangible product, whether it be designing games for field day or planning what closing ceremony will look like.

As you can tell, MSEL delegates have been hard at work! So we also had to have some fun! Wednesday night, due to the weather cancelling our outside games, we had a dance and board game night. Thursday night we had the delegate Variety Show, where delegates could showcase their various talents. It is hard to believe tomorrow is already Friday!