Thanks to the 57 members of the Active Staff who voted in the 2011-2012 Program Board Election! All the ballots were valid.

The 2011-2012 MLW Program Board includes:

General Members:
Jackie Fludd
Charlie Gayle
Dustin Jeter
Catherine McCall (serving the remainder of Rourke O’Brien’s term)
Kevin Taylor

Special Member:
Marcy Leonard

Student Members:
Moya Shpuntoff
Olivia Keithly

A Chair and Vice Chair of the Program Board/Program Committee will be selected by the Program Committee members at the first meeting held in early November.

The Program Board oversees MLW’s programming. The responsibilities of the Program Board include: interviewing and nominating program directors and other key personnel; recruiting new staff; recruiting delegates to attend the corporation’s programs; proposing a budget for the corporation’s programs; planning and implementing programs; developing, and proposing policies related directly to MLW’s programs; and overseeing accomplishment of corporate purposes related to the programs of MLW. The Board consists of five General members, one Special Member (an adult from the community) and two student members.