Today is our first full day of programming for MLW Summer 2019! Our three smaller programs, Advanced Leadership Seminar (ALS), Bridge, and Journey are in full swing and our delegates are already busy bonding, learning, and of course having fun!


After saying good-bye to family, delegates went on a tour of campus with their staff members and ended up in their creatively-decorated group rooms, where they played name games and completed get-to-know-you activities. Journey and Bridge delegates then had their first round of workshops.

Journey– Women’s Leadership with Addy and Libby 

Delegates learned about female leaders throughout history and reflected on their leadership traits and characteristics. The delegates then discussed modern issues that girls and women face in today’s society and brainstormed solutions to these challenges. Lastly, delegates defined feminism and explored what it means in their own lives.









Bridge– What is Leadership? 

Bridge delegates participated in this interactive workshop where they were able to explore the concept of leadership. Delegates determined the strengths and traits of a strong leader, what leadership looks like in their schools and communities, and began to think about what other skills they want to further develop to become stronger leaders.






ALS – Group Meeting

ALS delegates spent most of their day in a group meeting where they were better able to learn about other members of the group and what to expect during the week onsite. Workshops for ALS begin bright and early on Monday morning- stay tuned to read about what they learn! All three programs closed out the night with an MLW tradition called Visions. During Visions, staff members share important quotes, lyrics, and stories that set the tone for the week. This is meant to be an activity where delegates reflect and think about their intentions and hopes for their week. It is also a great time for delegates to get to know the staff. Stay tuned for our Monday update!