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Thursday/Friday Update

Delegates finished Round Two workshops on Thursday and are hard at work finishing their REALITY Projects. Delegates have also finished Mindfulness Time for the week. In their last Mindfulness session, they practiced mindful journaling and created tools to teach other teens about the importance of mindfulness. On Thursday evening, delegates had the opportunity to participate [...]

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SHW Wednesday Update

On Wednesday, delegates began Round Two workshops which included You, Diversity, and The World, Storytelling for Change, Failure and Success, and Public Speaking and Feedback. In You, Diversity, and The World delegates learned about how their identity impacts their lived experiences, worldviews, and perspectives, examined barriers to cultural competency, and developed effective strategies for building [...]

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What’s Happening at SHW!

Sunday Our SHW delegates are off to an amazing start! After registration and saying goodbye to family and friends, delegates headed into their first group meeting where they participated in a variety of name games and icebreaker activities in order to get to know one another. Delegates also got to see their creatively decorated group [...]

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Staff Applications Now being accepted

STAFF APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED We’re pleased to announce that MLW is now accepting applications from those interested in staffing our 2023 summer programs. The deadline is Sunday, February 26th at 11:59 pm. NOTE TO FIRST-YEAR APPLICANTS If you’ve attended MLW previously, the online staff application is the same system as our delegate applications. If you’re [...]

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SHW Tuesday/Wednesday Wrap Up!

On Tuesday, delegates finished Round One workshops which were described in the previous post. In addition to workshops, delegates have been working in committees where they use their leadership skills to plan components of the program. The Dance Committee will plan the Friday night dance including developing a theme and creating the decorations. The Closing [...]

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SHW Sunday/Monday Wrap Up!

Our Senior High Workshops (SHW) delegates arrived at Washington College yesterday, which means our final Summer 2022 program is underway! After registration and saying goodbye to family and friends, delegates headed into their first group meeting where they participated in a variety of name games and icebreaker activities in order to get to know one [...]

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Thursday/Friday Wrap Up

We are so excited about all of the growth we have seen in our delegates so far this week! We are now finished with Round Two of workshops, which were described in yesterday’s post. In addition to workshops, delegates continued working on their MIX project. MIX is a time where delegates get to apply the [...]

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Wednesday Wrap Up!

It's hard to believe we're more than halfway through the week! Wednesday was another action-packed day, and was the start of Round Two workshops. Delegates began the day like they always do at MLW - with “Morning Sing” where they participated in a variety of silly songs led by the staff in order to start [...]

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MSEL Tuesday Wrap Up!

First, here are some random photos to kick off today's update!                     On Tuesday, delegates attended a workshop called Collaborative Leadership. They defined collaboration and determined it’s purpose, they discovered their own collaboration style and developed awareness of the collaborations styles of others, compared and contrasted [...]

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MSEL Monday Wrap Up!

Delegates completed their first round of workshops on Monday. In Self-Awareness and Relationship Building, delegates learned about – and assessed their own level of - emotional intelligence and discussed its impact on individual leadership styles. In addition, they determined their own strengths and weaknesses in fostering relationships and practiced strategies for building healthy relationships. In [...]

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