Hello MSEL families!

We’ve had a busy first 8 hours! We kicked off the program with a tour of the campus and then ice-breaking games so the delegates can get to know each other better. Our first formal activity was “Staff Get to Know” where delegates played interactive games to get to know all of the staffers. Staffers shared fun facts about themselves so that delegates could get to know them better. Then, delegates had dinner and moved into “What is Leadership?” During “What is Leadership?” delegates participated in a panel with guests from Leadership Maryland, MLW’s parent organization, and were able to ask questions about how panelists use leadership in their careers and every day lives.

Following the panel discussion, delegates moved into “Jump-Off,” a delegate favorite which consists of various team building activities where delegates have to work together to solve challenges. During these activities, staff were able to observe each delegate’s leadership styles, strengths, and potential growth areas in order select their “Tuning Groups.” Tuning groups are small groups that meet daily with a staff member to set goals, develop action plans, and complete small group activities to work on leadership development throughout the week.

Following that, delegates were treated to a decades-old MLW tradition called “Visions,” a candle-light ceremony. Delegates sat in silence while staff members, one at a time, recited a poem, quote, or song lyrics that has personal meaning to them. This provided delegates an opportunity to learn a little more about their staffers, and it was a nice way to settle down after a very active day.

Finally, delegates headed to their first hall meeting. At hall meetings, delegates split up by gender (each hall meeting is held in the delegates’ respective dorm) and do an activity to unwind and get ready for bed. It was a packed day and we cannot wait for tomorrow when we start our workshops and committee meetings.