First, here are some random photos to kick off today’s update!











On Tuesday, delegates attended a workshop called Collaborative Leadership. They defined collaboration and determined it’s purpose, they discovered their own collaboration style and developed awareness of the collaborations styles of others, compared and contrasted different styles of collaboration and put them into practice.

Delegates also began work with their teams on what we call MIX Projects. Each team’s project is designed by staff and allow delegates the opportunity to practice what they are learning in workshops. Each day, delegates and staff debrief the progress made on the MIX project and talk about ways to strengthen the group’s process moving forward.

Tuesday night’s seminar was “super” fun – delegates were tasked with reimagining their tuning staffer as a super hero! The purpose of this activity was for delegates to practice identifying the strengths of others, which is a skill every good leader needs.




We ended Tuesday night with a favorite: the MSEL Dance!


More tomorrow!