It’s hard to believe we’re more than halfway through the week! Wednesday was another action-packed day, and was the start of Round Two workshops. Delegates began the day like they always do at MLW – with “Morning Sing” where they participated in a variety of silly songs led by the staff in order to start the day energized and ready to learn. Over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, delegates will complete three additional workshops in Round Two including Activism, Allyship, and Diversity; Empathy and Perspective; and the Power of the Platform.

In Empathy and Perspective, delegates learned how to understand and relate to the experiences of others and explored the importance of being empathetic and aware leaders.

In the Activism, Allyship, and Diversity workshop delegates learned about their own identity and what makes them unique. They explored diversity and learned how each person’s identity contributes to their group. They discussed the impacts of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination and how each has affected them. Last, they practiced empathy in order to understand its role in allyship.

In Power of the Platform, delegates explored and analyzed the benefits of using social media responsibly, and how to employ different platforms to advocate for causes and changes that are important to them.

After dinner, delegates attended a seminar on Self Care with former MLW program director Emma Graybill. They participated in a variety of activities that encouraged them to consider the benefits of setting boundaries in their lives and in their relationships with others.

We ended the night with everyone’s favorite – Messy Games Night! The title is self-explanatory, and the pictures are epic!