Today was our first full day together, and it was indeed full! We started our first round of workshops, which included the following content:

  1. Group Dynamics and Facilitation – Delegates learned the individual stages of the Group Interaction Model, compared and contrasted varous group roles and their contributions to the group’s perfomance, defined facilitation, and learned the benefits of facilitation in group interactions. At the end of the week, ask your child which group role he or she most naturally falls into.
  2. Public Speaking and Feedback – Delegates established effective public speaking skills, evaluated public speaking strategies, and discussed different methods of delivering and receiving feedback. They then took time to practice both public speaking and feedback skills.
  3. Self Awareness – Delegates defined and established their strengths, challenges, and values, and determined why it’s important to be aware of them. They built a list of their won values and explored the relationship between self-awareness and leadership. At the end of the week, ask your child what his or her personality type is, and what his or her values are.

After lunch, committees met for the first time, tasked to plan the following program components or activities:

  1. Field Day
  2. Program Evaluation
  3. Keep In Touch
  4. Showcase
  5. Closing Ceremony
  6. Yearbook
  7. Friday Dance
  8. Community ID

Then our first REALITY session of the week took place, and today this time was spent in a classic MLW workshop – Project Planning and Implementation. Delegates first learned about SMART goals and how to set them. Then they learned how to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate a project.

Today was also picture day! Those will be made available to you online, so stay tuned.

Just before dinner, delegates attended the first seminar of the week titles Making Social Media Work for You. Delegates explored how to effectively and safely use social media in their favor.

Tonight’s activity is a games night in the indoor field house. Delegates get to have fun, burn off some steam, and meet other delegates outside of their group. We top the day of with a fire safety drill, and then finally lights out. See you tomorrow!