As of this afternoon, all delegates have completed Round One of workshops and have been through:

  • Public Speaking and Feedback
  • Group Dynamics and Facilitation
  • Self Awareness

Committees also met again, as they will every day. See yesterday’s post for details about workshop content and committee titles.

In today’s REALITY session, delegates began working on their final projects. Following that, the seminar for the day was presented by Mehran Hossaini, the charismatic Program Director of this year’s Advanced Leadership Seminar (ALS) which took place earlier this month. He spoke about his own MLW experience as a delegate, and talked about how ALS is the next step for those who are ready for a more intensive and personalized leadership experience following at least one year of Senior High.

Tonight’s acitivity was our first dance of the week and it was full of energy! For those not interested in shaking a leg, we set up a room with board games, and some even braved the heat to toss a frisbee around outside. A good time was had by all!