All three programs are in full swing!


Today’s workshop was “Barriers to Change” with Rick and Andrew. In this workshop, delegates analyzed when change is necessary and what might make change difficult. Delegates also developed a framework they can use to take action and overcome barriers to change.

Delegates also had a panel discussion with former MLW directors and staff members to learn more about the MLW Staff Training process and gain useful insight to help them with their practicum project. Following the panel, delegates go to work on their practicum project and we are eager to see what they come up with. Delegates also participated in a night time activity which was designed to simulate Iron Chef with various cooking challenges!


Bridge delegates had a full morning with two workshops. First, delegates attending Going Offline with Ed and Emily. In this workshop, delegates learned about self-care and explored different healthy habits. Delegates also identified what causes stress in their lives and how they can manage stress. Second, delegates attended Community Care with Devan and Nick. In this workshop, delegates discussed the meaning of community, empathy, and compassion. Delegates also examined the impact that leaders have on their community and explored various issues that communities face and how young leaders can work to address them.

In the afternoon and evening, the delegates participated in group meetings where they played various team building games, worked on their practicum project, and had tuning sessions (personal coaching/mentoring with our staff). The delegates wrapped up the day with a fun evening of doing YouTube challenges.


The Journey girls had a big day! They took a field trip to Terrapin Adventures where they participated in a variety of outdoor challenges including ropes courses. Delegates were given the opportunity to challenge themselves while being supported by their peers. It was awesome to see the Journey delegates bond and cheer each other on throughout the day.

There was still time for Tuning and some games once they got back to UMBC. The evening activity was all self care, as delegates explored how they can unplug, de-stress, and rejuvenate.