We can’t believe the week going by so fast! Here is what the delegates were up to on Wednesday…


This morning, delegates started off with a workshop entitled, “Risk and Failure” with Andrew and Alexya. Delegates were challenged to think critically about when it is important to take risks and how they can learn from past failures. Delegates also learned about how to be resilient in times of failure.

In the afternoon, delegates continued working on their practicum project and are putting together an awesome staff training which we are excited to see on Friday. There was also plenty of time for tuning (personal coaching/mentoring with our staff) as well as an awesome “Field Day” night where delegates participated in water games.


This morning, delegates had a workshop entitled “Understanding our World” with Pearson and Maddie. In this workshop, delegates learned about diversity and intersectionality. Delegates discussed the traits that make them unique and their own personal values. Delegates then examined how diversity and intersectionality impact their communities.

In the afternoon delegates practiced different self-care exercises that they learned about in their workshop yesterday. Delegates also had time for a group meeting, tuning, and to work on their practicum project. We are so excited to see what the YouTube Creators come up with!


The Journey delegates had a full morning of workshops. First, they attended “Self-Awareness and Identity” with Sydney and Libby and then they attended “Picture Perfect” with Ciara and Tiffany. In Self-Awareness and Identity, delegates reflected on their own strengths, values, and challenges. Delegates were also challenged to think about the way in which different pieces of their identity intersect. In Picture Perfect, delegates discussed diversity and why it is important within our society. Delegates also discussed the potential consequences of privilege and stereotypes.

In the evening, Journey delegates had time to work on their practicum project for the Howard County Women’s Giving Circle as well as participate in tuning (personal coaching/mentoring with our staff).