Today, delegates had finished up the round of workshops that started yesterday. See our previous post for details.

Other highlights of the day:

In committees (broken down by geographic region), delegates continued to forge bonds and discuss issues facing their shared communities. Many of our delegates hold school and regional leadership positions so these meetings are an excellent opportunity to build  strategic partnerships and prepare for advocacy back home.

During group meetings, delegates had the opportunity to attend different “club” meetings during their unstructured time.

Our seminar tonight was titled “Encouragement” and highlighted the importance of “hyping up” our friends and support network.

In the evening, delegates experienced Escape Room, MLW style! Clues, puzzles, and challenges had to be resolved in order to get out!

At the end of the night, delegates reflected on their day during hall meeting. Round 2 Workshops will be in full swing tomorrow and delegates will start preparing for their end of week presentations in REALITY.