It was another great day at MLW! Delegates finished Round 1 of workshops (see descriptions from our previous post) and began Round 2:

Failure and Success: Delegates explored the relationship between fear, risk, and failure. They identified their personal “locus of control” and learned habits to increase resilience and foster a growth mindset. They discussed the components of personal and professional success. Last, they reframed failure and identified why it’s an essential part of leadership.

Diversity and Intersectionality: Delegates defined diversity, intersectionality, and bias. They explored the different facets of their identity to understand how those different aspects affect them. They explored living in a diverse society.

Impact and Influence: Delegates differentiated between influence and impact, and examined their own unique voice. They worked to understand the extent of actions and consequences, and explored how student leaders are capable of making an impact.

Delegates continued to make progress in their tuning groups and in their region meetings. and Reality projects are close to completion.

Wednesday night’s activity was an MLW favorite – Messy Games Night! On Thursday, we were treated to a talent show with amazing performances from our delegates including poetry, music, dance, and more.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 10:45am for the closing ceremony in the Retriever Athletic Center (the RAC). Please park in the Administration Garage (see campus map here) then go left as you walk out of the garage to head toward the center of campus. Turn right at the benches and flowers, and then the RAC is the first building on your right.

Check out will take place immediately following the closing ceremony at approximately 11:30. Drive around to Lot 23 (where you parked for check-in). The boys will be checking out of Harbor Hall, and the girls out of Patapsco.

MLW Merchandise will be for sale at check-out. Hats are $15, water bottles and drawstring bags are $10, and car magnets are $5.


  • Please make sure that the person picking up your child was listed on their application. We will be checking IDs.
  • Be sure your child returns his or her keycard. There is a $15 fee for lost cards.

See you tomorrow!