As of yesterday afternoon, all delegates have completed Round One of workshops. Yesterday we highlighted the objectives of Group Dynamics and Decision Making. The third workshop in the round was Self Awareness:

Self Awareness: Delegates identified components of their strengths, values, motivations, and relationships and determined why it’s important to be aware of them. They built a list of their own values, needs, leadership experiences, goals, strengths, challenges, and interests and explored the relationship between self-awareness and leadership. At the end of the week, ask your child what his or her DISC assessment type is, and what his or her values are.

Committees met again, as they will every day. See yesterday’s post for details about workshop content and committee titles. Delegates also had a mini workshop on Project Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. They continued to work on their projects in REALITY, talked about their progress on their goals in Tuning, and played group games and team bonding activities in Group Meeting. Ask your child what his/her favorite group game is!