Journey7-14  ALS 7-14

Wednesday and Thursday onsite are always busy. Here are a few highlights for both programs!

ALS had two workshops on Wednesday. Staffer Danny Gonzalez led Relationship Optimization, followed by Pathways with staffer Libby Norford and former ALS director Stephanie Barnes. In Pathways delegates identified their sources of motivation and linked motivation to intention and telos/purpose. Ask your child what his/her telos is!They also played group games and continued to work diligently on their practicum project.

On Thursday, delegates had a workshop and a seminar. Staffer Bryana “Fergie” Ferguson and former ALS staffer Bryan Coble led The Art of Finesse, where delegates learned to deal with unpredictability. Former ALS staffer Jason Israel and guest facilitator Teague Hopkins then led Stress Testing Your Teamwork, where delegates played Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a cooperative video game. Learn more at: Ask your child what he/she learned about working in groups under pressure! At night delegates put on a showcase of their talents.

Journey girls went to a Diversity workshop on Wednesday morning. Staffers Diane D’Costa and Reva Alperson introduced the idea of intersectionality and had delegates connect the concept of feminism to their personal experiences. They explored the diversity of their group and how they experience their identities. The girls worked on their Capstone as well as starting a Community Project, where they chose five women from Howard County to honor with awards. Ask your daughter which award she worked on!

Thursday started out with a Gender Dynamics workshop, led by staffers Alexya Brown and Reva Alperson. The girls learned about group roles, sexism, and using reactions to reduce conflict. In the evening the Women’s Giving Circle visited campus to see the girls present their Capstone and Community Projects. They did a fantastic job presenting their hard work! Ask your daughter about the Capstone project and the presentation! They then enjoyed dinner with the representatives of the Women’s Giving Circle before putting on a Talent/Fashion Show.

We can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day–the week is going by so quickly!