ALS7-15   JRNY7-15

Our last full day onsite was a little bit emotional. We’re always sad when the week comes to a close, but we’re also so excited for the delegates to take what they’ve learned back to their communities.

Journey started the day with their final workshop, Power and Purpose, taught by staffers Diane D’Costa and Devan Ogburn. They defined power and differentiated between the different types of power as well as learning about the relationship between gender and power. They began developing a personal sense of purpose and determined how their individual and collective power can be used to further that purpose. Ask your daughter about the different types of power and what her personal purpose is! It was a fantastic final workshop.

After debriefing their presentation to the Women’s Giving Circle, the girls had a wonderful time playing games like Starstruck and MLW Madness. Ask your daughter to show you her best fierce Beyonce pose! Guest facilitator Tyson Glover then facilitated a seminar on Masculinity, to give the girls a larger context for their new feminism knowledge. They acted as marketing executives and looked at portrayals of masculinity in advertising and the media. It was a fascinating way for the girls to wrap up the Journey curriculum.

In the morning, ALS delegates attended their final workshop, led by director Mehran Hossaini. Most of the day, however, was focused on the Practicum and their upcoming presentation. If you weren’t able to tune into the live stream, be sure to ask your child what his/her role in the presentation was. It went very smoothly and it was amazing to see how far the delegates came in just one week together. This was an outstanding class of ALS delegates and we cannot wait to see what changes they create in their communities!

We hope all our delegates will stay in touch with one another and with their staffers. Keep us updated on all of the incredible things you’re doing!