Round Two of workshops started yesterday, and by lunchtime today all delegates had completed:

  1. Diversity – delegates described their own unique traits, roles, and group memberships and identified the ways their own team is diverse. The analyzed the strengths and challenges of working with a diverse group, and developed strategies to utilize group diversity effectively. At the end of the week, ask your child about strategies of having a diverse conversation.
  2. Advocacy – delegates defined advocacy and identified how motivation and empowerment are tools for it. They explored different methods of advocacy and created an advocacy plan to motivate and empower others even after leaving MLW. At the end of the week, ask your child what he or she is passionate about.
  3. Decision Making – delegates reviewed values and their role in any decision-making process, and discussed consequences as an impact of making a decision.

Committees are well on their way to completing their tasks. In particular, the Talent Show committee knocked it out of the park by presenting an amazing showcase with talents that ranged from singing and dancing to bagpiping and martial arts.

In REALITY, groups are finalizing last details before making their presentations tomorrow. And in Group Time, we continued the fun and games that forge bonds among the delegates – bonds that will last far beyond Saturday.

As a reminder, the Closing Ceremony is Saturday at 10:45 in the Decker Theater (and will be simulcast in Tawes Theater) inside the Gibson Center for the Arts. Enter the campus at Greenway Ave. (NOT Campus Dr.) and follow to the parking lot behind Gibson. Additional parking is available in the lot between Athey ballpark and Kirby stadium. Delegates will be dismissed immediately following the ceremony, and you can meet them at their dorms to move out. PLEASE RETURN THEIR ROOM KEY. There is a fee of $35 for any lost or otherwise not returned key.

Stay tuned for our last update tomorrow!