We can’t believe it’s “humpday” already and our time together is half over. Today was full of work:

Delegates at work

Our first workshop, Creative Collaboration, was presented by the fabulous Nia, who, in her day job, works with performing artists. As individuals we are limited; however, everyone has the capacity to be creative. Creativity exceeds limitations, so if we can learn how to collaborate creatively the possibilities are endless. Delegates explored the Creative Collaboration Cycle, and were encouraged to imagine how it would benefit when their own groups reach an impasse.

Be Creative slide

And, of course, today was full of play:

Delegates at play

And then it was time to learn how to relax! ALS Program Evaluator and Guest Facilitator Maira Khwaja led delegates through a series of techniques to handle stress including breathing exercises, creating life-balancing to-do lists, dynamic stretching exercises, and the importance of maintaining perspective.

Tomorrow will be another full day so please check back with us!