It is hard to believe we are halfway through the week! Wednesday was an action-packed day filled with the start of Round Two workshops. Delegates began the day with Morning Sing where they participated in a variety of silly songs led by the staff in order to start the day energized and ready to learn. Over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, delegates will complete four additional workshops in Round Two including Diversity, Community Care, Advocacy, and Understanding Media. In the Diversity workshop delegates learn about stereotypes and the negative impact they can have on individuals and groups, explore intersectionality and their own intersecting identities, discuss the concept of privilege and the way in which it impacts a group, and assess a leader’s role in a diverse group. The Diversity workshop is often a delegate favorite and allows them to begin unpacking their own identity. During the Community Care workshop delegates defined community, explored communities of which they are a member, differentiated between sympathy and empathy and explored how each are useful in developing a community, and examined issues that affect communities they are a part of in order to develop solutions. Tomorrow’s blog post will include synopses of Advocacy and Understanding Media, so be sure to check back!







Delegates completed their second MIX session and were able to make progress on their project while applying much of the content from Round One workshops. Delegates also had another group meeting where they were continued playing team building games in order to bond with their peers. Additionally, delegates had another tuning session where they continued to develop strategies for working towards their personal goals while also evaluating their experience thus far. Delegates met with their committees and are definitely applying their project planning and communication skills to their work on their end products. Last, delegates finished the night with an MLW favorite: Messy Games! It was a beautiful evening for throwing water balloons, playing Soapy Spoons, and much more silliness.

Please check your email for NEW parking instructions and location details for the Closing Ceremony on Saturday at 10:30!