Our Senior High Workshops (SHW) delegates arrived at UMBC yesterday, which means our final Summer 2019 program is underway! After registration and saying goodbye to family and friends, delegates headed into their first group meeting where they participated in a variety of name games and icebreaker activities in order to get to know one another. Delegates also got to see their creatively decorated group rooms that correspond to their group’s theme. Delegates then headed to community meeting where they learned about the expectations for the week and were able to meet delegates in other groups. Following community meeting, delegates participated in “What is Leadership?” which is an introductory activity meant to push delegates to think about the traits of leaders, how leaders have impacted our society, role models who have shaped one’s understanding of leadership, and what they would like to learn from this week.






At the end of the evening, delegates participated in an MLW tradition- “Visions”. During Visions, staff members share inspirational quotes, song lyrics, and stories that are significant to them. This activity sets the tone for delegates to be reflective about their vision for their experience at SHW. Delegates then participated in their first hall meeting where they shared their highs and lows (favorite and least favorite) parts of the day and got ready for bed. On Monday, delegates begin Round One workshops, so stay tuned to see all of the exciting things they are learning!