Pressure and decision making objectivesWorking together


We can’t believe our week is half over already! Today we started Round Two of workshops: Advocacy, Pressure and Decision Making; Diversity; and Evolution of Leadership.

Highlights of two of our Round Two workshops:

  • Advocacy, taught by Abby Sweeney and Grant Kilduff: delegates worked to define and understand passion as well as what it means to be passionate, define advocacy and examine topics most commonly advocated for, analyze the relationship between advocacy and passion, identify, compare, and contrast various methods of proper advocacy in different situations, and acknowledge different personalities and develop ways to incorporate them when advocating.  Ask your child what he or she wants to advocate for!

  • Pressure and Decision Making, taught by Ciara Albrittain and Lexi Pumphrey: delegates worked to identify sources of pressure, list pressures faced in everyday life by middle school students, brainstorm and discuss various strategies that would be effective in dealing with different kinds of pressure, create and apply a personal decision-making model, and analyze how strategies for handling leadership can make a leader more effective. Ask your child about his or her very own decision-making model!

Delegates also attended their second MIX and continued to work in Committees. They played games in group meeting and got some down time during recreation.

Tonight’s activity: Messy Games – an MLW favorite!!!