Today we finished up Round One workshops! Here are summaries of the other two Round One workshops. Ask your child what his/her favorite Round One workshop was!

  • Ethics and Values, taught by Basirah Rahim and Danny Rivas: delegates worked to define and differentiate Ethics and Values, identify the sources of both, and discover how their ethics and values guide decision-making.

  • Social Media and You!, taught by Maura Vananzo and DaShawn Murry: delegates defined social media, identified various avenues of social media, determined the purpose of each form of social media, discussed ways to use it safely, understand how their social media accounts are extensions of themselves, and create a leadership blog

Lunch followed the morning workshops, and then rec time.

Now that the delegates have four workshops behind them, it was time for them to put their new leadership skills to work. In a program component we call “MIX,” they’re presented with simulated “real world” projects (such as “Develop a new cartoon. Create the characters, the plot and then plan your release date!”) that test their group development skills and give them a chance to practice all of the skills they’re learning.

The rest of the day was spent working in their Committees, playing games in their group rooms, and working with their Checkpoint staffer. Tonight’s activity: the first dance of the week! We also set up a room with board games for those who weren’t interested in shaking a leg.

Tomorrow starts a new round of workshops, so stay tuned!