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It was a wonderful first day at MSEL!

After the parents left, delegates were taken around campus to orient them to all the buildings where activities will take place throughout the week. They then got to see their group rooms decorated to fit their teams, and they played games to start getting to know their teammates. The teams this year are Adventure is Out There! (based on the movie Up), Tank Gang (based on the movie Finding Dory), Castaways, Justice League, and Mad Hatters.

Off to dinner! The “Green Team” (staff members who walk around and make sure everyone is making healthy choices) challenged each delegate to drink a glass of water first thing, and to eat something green.

This evening, delegates participated in their first workshop. During “What is Leadership?” they defined and differentiated between skills and traits. They worked to understand the differences between power and influence and determined how leadership has evolved throughout the centuries. Finally, they brainstormed a group definition of leadership and made models of the types of leaders they want to be! Ask your child what their group’s definition of leadership is!

This evening’s activity, JUMP OFF, consisted of silly outdoor games such as Scramble, Acid River, and Clothes Pin Tag. Delegates got to enjoy the beautiful weather, have fun, and run around a little. Hopefully everyone’s ready for a good night’s sleep!

Our next blog post will be Tuesday morning. Stay tuned!