On Monday, SHW delegates began Round One Workshops with topics including Diversity, Agency, and Self-Awareness. During the Self-Awareness workshop delegates were able to reflect on the experiences they have had that has shaped their leadership style. Delegates also completed the True Colors leadership assessment to learn more about their unique style of leadership. Lastly, delegates were able to explore the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and determine how as a leader they can utilize a growth mindset. During the Agency workshop, delegates were able to identify different sources of power, discuss how they utilize different types of power to achieve their goals, identify steps to make ethical decisions, and talk about how to challenge power structures that are harmful. Check back tomorrow to read about what delegates learned in Diversity.







Following morning workshops, delegates participated in their first REALITY session. Delegates will work in their teams on a week-long REALITY project designed to help them practice their new leadership skills. Each REALITY project is centered on a real-world issue such as youth homelessness or access to arts education. Delegates are challenged to use their leadership skills to develop a product that contributes to solving the real-world issue. We are so excited to see our delegates work and progress. Delegates also spent time in their Region group where they meet with other delegates from a similar geographic region to discuss how they can use their MLW skills in their home communities. Delegates also participated in group meetings where they completed more team building activities and had their first Tuning session. Tuning is a time where delegates meet in small groups with a staff member to set goals, debrief what they are learning throughout the week, and get to know each other in a small group setting. Delegates closed out the night with Monday Night Activity (affectionately known as MoNA) where they rotated through several indoor and outdoor stations with games such as Sharks and Minnows and Hum That Tune! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!