On Tuesday, delegates finished Round One workshops with the Diversity Workshop during which they explored the concept of privilege, discussed the privileges they possess, and determined strategies to use their privilege to benefit others. Delegates learned strategies to be allies and understand why effective leaders must practice allyship. Following the conclusion of Round One workshops, delegates participated in another Region session where they continued to work with their peers from similar geographic areas to discuss how they can use their new skills to address issues in their schools and communities. Delegates then participated in their second REALITY session and are making excellent progress on their projects. Delegates finished the night with a Tuning session where they solidified their goals for the week, and then Tournament Tuesday where they participated in several activities and games in a competitive but fun manner.






On Wednesday, delegates began Round Two workshops which included Group Dynamics, Maximizing Leadership, and Advocacy. During Group Dynamics, delegates explored how they can adapt their leadership style to be most effective in a group. Delegates also analyzed how conflict contributes to or hinders a group’s success and what strategies they can utilize in order to productively manage conflict in a group. During Maximizing Leadership, delegates discussed how they can unite multiple people under one vision or mission. Delegates reflected on their own personal visions and missions, and learned about the importance of succession planning in order to yield sustainable results. Lastly, in Advocacy, delegates were able to identify communities they are a part of and how those communities have influenced them, determine the values of their communities, and determined how they can impact their communities to create positive changes. Following workshops, delegates continued the day with another REALITY session. Please check back tomorrow to learn a little bit about what each group is doing for their REALITY project. Additionally, delegates participated in a tuning session and met with their Region group. To close out the night, delegates participated in an MLW favorite- Messy Games! During Messy Games Night, delegates participated in a variety of silly and fun water games and other activities.