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This morning we started workshops! Our Round One workshops are Self Awareness and Identity, Motivation and Empowerment, Ethics and Values, and Social Media and You! Delegates will rotate through round one today and tomorrow. Ask your child which workshops he/she attended today!

Summaries of two of our Round One workshops:

  • Self Awareness and Identity, taught by Michael Hagan and Phoenix Do: delegates worked to understand the importance of self awareness and how it’s developed, differentiate between self and identity, determine the character traits they possess, identify the main ways by which others understand them, and understand the importance of authentic identity in leadership and relationships

  • Motivation and Empowerment, taught by Tres McMichael and Sandie Goldstein: delegates worked to define motivation and empowerment, discuss various types of motivation, discover ways to empower others, and analyze the meaning of power and influence

After lunch we took pictures, so stay tuned for those! After pictures, delegates played games in their groups, and then had Checkpoint with their staffers. Checkpoint is a time when small groups of delegates meet with staffers and work on personal goal setting and small group bonding. They play games, process through the workshop content, and support one another as they work towards their goals.

We also had our first Committee meetings today. Committees are yet another opportunity for delegates to implement the skills they’re learning in a safe space. They participate in various week-long MLW-based projects and get to know delegates outside of their button group. This year’s Committees are Community Service, Awareness and Empowerment, Variety Show, Closing Ceremony, and Newsletter/Weekbook. Ask your child what his/her Committee’s goal is!

Our activity for the evening was Monday Night Frolic, where delegates circled through various games facilitated by our staffers. These games give them an opportunity to decompress after a long first day and to get to know each other better through team building. Ask your child what his/her favorite game was!

Once we got back to the dorms, we had our weekly fire drill so we could practice our emergency procedures. Everyone certainly slept well tonight after such a busy day!