It is hard to believe we are wrapping up our week with our Senior High delegates. On Thursday, we finished Round Two workshops and spent time finalizing their REALITY projects. Each group’s REALITY project explored a different community challenge or issue and allowed delegates to directly apply what they are learning during our workshops. Topics ranged from ableism awareness, sustainability, criminal justice reform, and more! We know that this experience will provide delegates with the tools and experience they need to return home and address challenges in their schools and communities. In order to support you in continuing to support your child’s leadership development, we wanted to provide you with questions that you may want to ask your child upon them returning home.

  1. Tell me about a new friend you made while at MLW.
  2. What were your favorite parts of the week?
  3. What types of goals did you set for yourself for the week? What goals do you have going into next school year?
  4. What did you learn during the Diversity workshop?
  5. How were you challenged to think differently while at MLW?
  6. I know in the Advocacy workshop you talked about the issues you are passionate about. What issues do you want to be an advocate for? How can I support you in that?
  7. What was your group’s REALITY project?
  8. In your REGION group, what types of things did you discuss? What problems do you see in your school or our community? What could we do about it?
  9. What color did you get in the True Colors leadership assessment? What does that tell us about your leadership style?

We were so fortunate to spend a week exploring leadership with your child. We hope that as your child returns home they continue to develop their leadership skills and become more confident in their ability to make their schools, community, and our world a better place.